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Betty Rhomer

Betty Rhomer (Rebecca Gayheart; 1899 – 1926) died by jumping off a cliff into a river without realizing its height. She was a spunky woman who "can't sit still for very long", and disappeared after following a soul into his great beyond, not long after befriending George. She was known for sometimes using 1920s phrases. She had conversations with George about using aliases in the past. Her trademark was taking a Polaroid photo of the people whose souls she took, and classifying those people by personality type. In the same way, George later classified Betty as "mysterious and reassuring".

Although Betty’s gravestone shows the year of her death as 1926, this is contradicted in a later episode. In the "Curious George" episode we see Betty robbing her own grave and removing from the finger of her corpse a ring that she presumably wore in life. In the episode "Reaping Havoc", George sees the ring and tells Betty she likes it. Betty replies, "I saw it in the Village in 1927; my boy bought it for me." This suggests that Betty was still alive in 1927, but she could have just been mistaken it being 76 years ago when she said that.