Crystal Smith
(Crystal Dahl). Crystal is the receptionist at Happy Time, also known as Jane Smith. She can be very strange, and George initially finds her intimidating when she stares frequently at George and anyone else for long periods and she often refuses interaction, though the two eventually establish a rapport. She has a lookalike boyfriend at Happy Time (also played by Crystal Dahl). Her knowledge about how much she knows about George and the other Reapers is never fully revealed in the series. After seeing Millie and possibly recognizing her as George (due to it being Halloween) she looked up files regarding Georgia, after Mason and "Millie" had left, but she finds that the files were unavailable. She has a closet full of Post-its which she steals from work, and in the episode "Business Unfinished" she seemed to notice the soul that Daisy brought into the office. In "Vacation", she actually helped the Reapers complete some long overdue Reaper-related paperwork, but gave no indication to them whether she understood exactly what it was all about. Her Happy Time file shows that she speaks Spanish, French, Russian and Swahili (this may be an in-joke as Crystal is by far the most silent character in the series, barely speaking in most episodes), and that she served with the Special Forces in Southeast Asia.