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Official Description[]

George misses her family, so she decides to pay them a visit. But when reaper boss Rube hears of George's sentimental journey, he forbids her from making it again. Despite the warning, George can not stop herself from going home...until she discovers the price the dead pay for hanging on to their past.


Strapped for money, George, under her new alias Mildred, takes a dreary office job at the Happy Time temp agency, the same place she briefly worked while she was alive, and she has to put up with her overbearing and officious supervisor Delores Herbig. At the Lass' household, the family prepares to have their picture taken, but Joy cannot cope with George not being around for it, and Reggie continues to avoid talking about her feelings as she tries to make spiritual contact with George.

Elsewhere, George also deals with back-to-back souls to reap at a rural gas station which involves a large, caged bear. As Mason goes to painful lengths to nab more souls, Betty takes a more casual approach, and Roxy continues to settle on her no-nonsense hard-line approach.