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Delores Herbig[]

Delores Herbig (Christine Willes) "as in 'her big brown eyes'" (or as George once said "as in 'her big fat ass'" and "her big strange heart"). Delores is George's boss at Happy Time. She is highly obsessive-compulsive, which manifests in her dedication to propriety, correctness, and rules, and her artificial perkiness, which she believes to be the "right" attitude and tries very hard to maintain. She disliked George, but she displays a high appreciation for "Millie", both professionally and emotionally. She occasionally mentions things from her past, such as having a cocaine habit in the 1980s, having tattoos removed, and having restraining orders against her, which contrast with her current personality. She runs a webcam show from her apartment called "Getting Things Done with Delores". She seems very happy and positive but is in fact quite sad and lonely, and is looking for a long-term relationship.

In the Dead Like Me film, Delores is still Georgia's boss. Delores's perky veneer finally breaks down at the death of her beloved cat, Murray.

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Delores and George at Happy Time