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Der Waffle Haus is the unofficial meeting place for The Club.

Der waffle haus

Der Waffle Haus Logo

 A German-themed diner of average quality, where Rube meets with his subordinate Reapers over breakfast food to pass out reaping assignments, hold meetings, complete administrative tasks like personality assessments and other supervisory duties.  Angus the cook and Kiffany the waitress are common recurring characters who interact with the members of the club in various ways.

In the opener of the film, the main characters, minus Rube, meet at the normal time to find the building burnt down; and Rube gone, replaced by the fast-talking and somewhat smarmy Cameron Kane.


The pilot, filmed out of studio, had its scenes at Der Waffle Haus shot at Vancouver diner Tom & Jerry's, which has since been converted to a pet shop.[1]

'Der' Waffelhaus is using the wrong article, it should be 'das' Waffelhaus.


  1. Tom & Jerry's, 2828 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 5C5, Canada [1][2]