Joy Lass (Cynthia Stevenson), born 1961, is George's mother. Described by George as a Virgo and a career legal secretary who enjoys ice skating and John Grisham novels. She is organized, neurotic, and a bit foul-mouthed. She hates the word "moist" because she thinks it sounds pornographic and is afraid of balloons. Her name is an ironic misnomer, as her life is "joyless". George's death threw her into a deep depression made worse by her husband's infidelity and her inability to communicate with her remaining daughter; she also confided to George (as Millie) that she doesn't think she was a very good mother, this is confirmed by her emotionally abusive behavior to Reggie. According to George,"Who had the nerve to name you 'Joy'?" She is profoundly unsatisfied and frustrated with her life. She started dating Angelo Angelo, but the timing was off as it can be after a recent divorce. Her ex-husband however had been recently dumped by the woman he cheated with and upon realizing Joy was dating set out to sabotage her. He also confessed in a later episode he missed her and the life he had with his family. She is very disturbed by Reggie's fixation over George's death, and is starting to worry about Reggie's sanity. In "Forget Me Not", she applied for job placement through Happy Time, where her résumé states that she was a history major at college with a business minor, worked for two law firms, and knows Gregg shorthand and medical shorthand.

Five years after Georgia's death, Joy's disposition has made a significant change. Her neurotic nature and strict housekeeping requirements seem to have toned down. Additionally, she has written a book based on her personal loss, and counsels parents of deceased children.