Kiffany (Patricia Idlette). Kiffany is the Reapers' regular waitress at Der Waffle Haus, and meets the odd goings on among the Reapers (bizarre conversations about death; Roxy shooting Mason in the foot; Mason committing a "lewd act" with a coconut slice) with extraordinary savoir-faire. She has shown sympathetic interest in the characters, but never pries. She described Rube as a special customer, perhaps because he gives a $2 tip on a $7 breakfast. She seems to like George, as she gave her free oatmeal for her patience ("Hurry"). In the episode "Always", she banned Mason from Der Waffle Haus for stealing tips, relenting after he apologized and giving him money. She has evidently worked there for some time, as she knows Penny, another Reaper. Kiffany claims to have psychic powers (although she doesn't go out of her way to tell people about it). She reads palms, and in a Season Two deleted scene, became visibly upset upon examining George's lifeline, refusing to discuss it with her even after George begged her to. Being the Reapers’ server since the first season, she has indicated she knows that Rube's group has unusual secrets. In the episode "Haunted", Kiffany doesn't seem fazed by the fact that the Reapers appear as they were when they were alive.